Legal documents designed for therapists

One of the most popular questions I get asked by my clients is “please can you help me with my therapy contract?”

Having the correct legal paperwork is imperative and can stop you from being exposed to legal risks.

GDPR is a real thing and can feel scary, but becoming compliant is simple when you have the right documents and procedures in place.

People “borrow” one from a fellow clinician, and adapt it to suit their needs.  Deep down there is  a nagging feeling, have I covered everything? Was their agreement drafted correctly? A solicitor may have checked the document once upon a time, but has the law changed since then?

Or you may buy a legal package template for business terms, consents, cookies, etc.  That’s great, but is it tailored for therapists?  Does it deal with the specific requirements of obtaining consent for health data?  Customising a generic template to suit your clinic is ok, and if you are lucky you may have covered everything.  However there is a risk that something hasn’t been dealt with and you may be left exposed to some legal risks.

Rosie Gilderthrop, a clinical psychologist (Psychology Business School), Clare Veal, a solicitor (Aubergine Legal Ltd) and I,  Anna Bunch, a specialist virtual assistant to clinical psychologists (Psych VA Ltd) have identified a gap in the market.  Therapists, clinicians, doctors who run a private clinic have unique needs, laws to abide by whilst being client/patient friendly.  Clare has created a legal contract package designed especially for therapists in private practice.  Rosie has been providing them as part of her Psychology Business School. Whilst you still need to tweak them to suit your business, the changes are minimal and the documents will provide you with greater legal coverage than generic templates for non-specific business sectors.

Our templates make reference to the quirks of the industry – for example the need to carry out safeguarding, the regulatory bodies, etc.  We also have the all important health data consents.

Our unique selling point is the fact that we have collaborated, and taken on board feedback from over one hundred of Rosie’s PBS students to create templates that are very specific to the needs of mental health professionals. They have been tweaked and updated numerous times to perfect them.

They will give you peace of mind and do not require adaptation that may invalidate your business insurance.

In this package you will get:

  • Terms and conditions for therapy and other services
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Website privacy policy
  • Offline privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Associate agreement
  • Virtual assistant services agreement
  • Terms and conditions for selling a digital product on your website (online courses, workshops etc)
  • Recorded workshop with Clare Veal explaining how to use your templates and stay GDPR compliant.

Getting these drafted on your own would cost thousands, but we can offer it to you for £495 so you can feel at ease in your practice.  Here is the link if you wish to access these documents.

Psych VA


Virtual Assistant

With over 15 years of combined experience in healthcare and administration, Gemma brings a unique blend of expertise to Psych VA. Her journey spans from financial services to frontline healthcare, encompassing roles as a qualified dental nurse, podiatrist, and, most recently, a medical doctor.

Gemma’s background as a healthcare professional instills in her the value of compassion and empathy. Having worked with diverse individuals, including vulnerable populations, she prides herself on her exceptional communication skills and caring demeanor.

Her extensive tenure in both NHS and private healthcare settings has equipped her with a deep understanding of various healthcare computer systems and adeptness in medical administrative tasks. Gemma excels in managing sensitive matters with discretion and professionalism, handling confidential information with utmost care on a daily basis.

Gemma’s unique perspective, forged through her dual roles in administration and healthcare, enables her to ensure the seamless operation of healthcare services. At Psych VA, Gemma’s commitment to efficiency and her compassionate approach make her an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.

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Virtual Assistant Services

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