Setting up your WriteUpp Practice Management Software

I have been a daily WriteUpp user since early 2019, I am a bit of a systems geek! The majority of our clients use WriteUpp as their practice management software, and I have set up and configured the system for most of them.

For those of you who are not familiar with WriteUpp..

WriteUpp will streamline your practice, save time & help you stay connected with your clients.It’s an easy to use, affordable practice management system made for clinics and healthcare professionals. Featuring a whole host of tools to help you “go digital”, including: video consultation, 24/7 online bookings, SMS & email reminders & much more.

I am passionate about streamlining and automating systems, increasing efficiency and productivity. So, I have designed a new package for therapists that wish to ditch the pen and paper, spreadsheets and post it notes and transition to a secure, cost-effective, user-friendly system. Keeping patient’s data safe and is of the utmost importance.

To do this you need a secure practice management system. If you are unsure where to start, or do not have the time to learn a new system, then here is where I come in.

I can help you….

  • Help you navigate the different systems available to use in your practice
  • Import/Migrate your existing patient data
  • Set up organisation details & finance requirements
  • Document and Form creation
  • Email templates and communication methods
  • Appointment types, fees and scheduling
  • Online booking
  • Video conferencing
  • Integrate with other software such as Healthcode or Xero
  • Create workflows from the start of the client journey, the enquiry stage, screening, onboarding the client, booking appointments, raising invoices and credit control through to the end.
  • Advice on working with a VAIf you would like a free trial 30 day trial please click on this link
    This provides prospective users with an opportunity to try a fully featured version of the product for an extended period at no cost and with no ongoing commitment.

    If you want a non-obligation free discovery call please click here

Psych VA


Virtual Assistant

With over 15 years of combined experience in healthcare and administration, Gemma brings a unique blend of expertise to Psych VA. Her journey spans from financial services to frontline healthcare, encompassing roles as a qualified dental nurse, podiatrist, and, most recently, a medical doctor.

Gemma’s background as a healthcare professional instills in her the value of compassion and empathy. Having worked with diverse individuals, including vulnerable populations, she prides herself on her exceptional communication skills and caring demeanor.

Her extensive tenure in both NHS and private healthcare settings has equipped her with a deep understanding of various healthcare computer systems and adeptness in medical administrative tasks. Gemma excels in managing sensitive matters with discretion and professionalism, handling confidential information with utmost care on a daily basis.

Gemma’s unique perspective, forged through her dual roles in administration and healthcare, enables her to ensure the seamless operation of healthcare services. At Psych VA, Gemma’s commitment to efficiency and her compassionate approach make her an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

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